Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Why we love Susan Boyle

I'm assuming that most everyone has heard or heard of Susan Boyle's performance on a British talent show called, "Britain's Got Talent."

She has become quite the sensation. But why? We have all heard fabulous singers before. We have probably even heard better. So why is Susan's performance so extraordinary? I think her popularity has exploded for several reasons.

Number one is that Susan was judged on her appearance before ever given a chance to prove herself. She reminds us of how shallow we as a people have become, or what we expect from others as a society based on first glance alone. Before she takes the stage, Susan confesses that she has never been married, or even kissed, and that she lives with her cat Pebbles. Naturally one is to assume that it is because she is crazy and eccentric. I mean look at her right? Anyone who has looked less than perfect in the world's eyes, or has held on to a standard not recognized by society instantly connects with Susan, before she ever takes the stage. The classic, "Judging a book by the cover."

Number two is that Susan represents those of us who were ridiculed or teased during our lives. Susan stands up on stage and stoically endures the eye rolls, snickers and words being exchanged in low whispers among the audience as she speaks about her dreams. Most of us who were teased would never be brave enough to ever reveal our dreams. Our hearts would not allow any more rejections. Oh how we would have LOVED to have shut everyone up, brought them to their feet, lapped in their praises, just moments after they all made a joke of us. Susan has done what millions of the down trodden could not, not only proved the taunters all wrong but won their admiration to boot.

Another reason? Susan's age. Let's get real, people who want to have a career in the performing arts had better be well on their way by the time they hit 30. Doors are closing then. Actually in many careers, you are no longer considered a shooting star once one reaches a certain age. Susan reminds us that it is never too late to chase a dream. At this point in time, as our population ages, she has given many the inspiration to just try. As Susan said when asked why she hasn't fulfilled her dream, "I have never been given the chance before. But here's hoping that will all change."

Susan represents the 90% of the population who are not exceedingly gorgeous. Those who have lived a life of mediocrity. Who have worked hard, putting dreams to the side as they lived up to obligations and to the challenges of life. Susan's choice of song was also one of pure irony. She sings, "I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I'm living. So different now from what it seems. Now life has killed the dream I dreamed." And really, who can't somehow relate to something in that?

Who else is happy about Susan Boyle's new found fame? Well I'm thinking it has to be Elaine Page. I think Susan Boyle has now made HER more famous than ever. I mean really, Elaine gets a shout out heard by tens of millions of people outside of Britain! Most of them probably saying, "Who is Elaine Page?" and then promplty logging on to Sweet!

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