Sunday, December 06, 2009

Leipers Fork Christmas Parade...2009 Edition

Ho ho ho!!!

Thought I'd dust off the cobwebs around here and update my blog!

No better time than now, just in time to present the Leiper's Fork 2009 Christmas parade. Down home style.

Waiting for the parade to start! Derick was actually in the parade this year, so he's not waiting with us. High temp on this day was 34 degrees!

Naomi Judd did the announcing.

I loved this sweet entry!!

Uncle Lester??

A few of the Titian Cheerleaders decided to brave the cold and come on out.

I want these girls to be my best friends forever. And the guy in the afro wig too!

This is Mrs. Claus on her wedding day.

Isn't he having fun?? And why shouldn't he?.....

.....he turned his 4-wheeler into a Gingerbread House!

His brother was a gift box!!

No Leiper's Fork Parade is complete without Floyd!

Or the General Lee!!

The Hillsboro 8th grade football heroes!

Derick and Santa chillin'

Of course the Zero Turn Mower Precision Drill Team made their appearance, as they do each year.

My Dad tells me that this 34 Rat Rod is sporting a tractor radiator grill. That just makes it so much BETTER!

These sweet horses all wore authentic sleigh bells!! They sounded so pretty!


She was just too cute!!!

Mrs. and Mr. Claus!!!!
A very nice day and a super fun parade!!

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